Weatherflex 500

A state-of-the-art, exterior finish with high elastomeric properties that enables it to bridge surface cracks and prevent moisutre from entering the surface.

Paint Selection for Steel Structures – ISO Standards and Guidelines

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Ezycolour Home Painting Solutions

Make My Plan

Professional painters know that the key to a quality paint job lies in the quality of preparation, primers and paint.

The Year Ahead in Colour

From deep Cinnamon Rose to elegant earthy tones such as Dry Leaf, here are some hottest (and coolest) colours that can transform your home in 2016.

Colour Spectra

Find shades for every mood from over 1,800 original hues.

Berger Weatherproof Ultra Semi-Gloss

Ultra-tough, ultra-durable, ultra-beautiful. Long term performance guaranteed to last.


Plan it Right

Make the painting process simpler by following a few quick and easy steps.

Left your plan midway?

Pick up where you left off without missing a step.

Paint Calculator

Find out just how much paint you need to transform your walls.


  • Colour Guides

  • Colour Banks

    Choose from over 1800 original hues.

The shades displayed on this website are indicative only and may vary from the actual colours due to variance in monitor calibration and resolution as well as screen settings.
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