Your Handy Guide to Indoor Gardening

An urban surrounding doesn't mean that you have to retire your green fingers. Explore nature in your own customized space with a neat little indoor garden. This personalized greenery would need requisite resources and conditions to thrive in order to provide its unique essence to your home. And we're here to help you with all the important information you'll need to grow an indoor garden.

Which houseplants are ideal for
Indoor Gardening?

If you're new to gardening, start with some easy-to-care indoor plants. Among some easily maintainable houseplants, there's Pothos. It very literally adds a breath of fresh air to your decor with its distinct air-purifying qualities. Then there's Aloe Vera, which is packed with medicinal properties. The snake plant is versatile to weather conditions and could even surprise you with white flowers in perfect conditions. Ficus adds a zesty shimmer to your interiors with its sleek, shiny leaves contrary to the Shamrock Plant, which has a rather calming effect with its bright, green leaves and gorgeous white flowers. Although these houseplants are easy to take care of, follow a daily care regime while tending to them to ensure their long life.

How to water them?

The plants must be watered sensibly. Under watering could cause them to wilt and die while overwatering could result in a fungal infection. Stick your finger in the edge of the pot, if the soil is dry, your plant needs water. Keep an eye on the roots and drainage holes too in order to ensure that the plant has enough water to grow favourably.

How much sunlight
do they need?

Optimum lighting must be provided by making the plant face the window (ideally, south-facing) that receives the most sunlight so that it doesn’t lose leaves, get affected by diseases or attract pests. Indirect light is also a good idea.

What about humidity and fertilizers?

Spray the plant with water to ensure requisite humidity. Also, provide adequate fertilizers only after consulting an expert at a local nursery for most houseplants can thrive without fertilizers.

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