City In A Garden

We take pride in our city being the greenest in the world and we have decided to take the initiative up a notch. With our eco-friendly paints we aim at spreading the greenery into every home in the city as our contribution to a greener Singapore.



Berger Elegance

Berger Elegance is an odour free, interior emulsion paint specially designed to provide a long lasting, smooth and attractive finish. Its low VOC improves indoor air quality enabling you and your family to breathe in air free of pollutants.


Berger Select

Berger Select is a rich interior matt finish that comes with a wide range of colours to choose from. It also offers excellent hiding, higher coverage and fungal resistance that allow your walls to maintain that classy look for a longer period of time.


Berger Wallcare

Berger Wallcare is a premium washable interior matt finish with excellent long lasting coverage that allows you to paint more walls with the same quantity of paint while giving your walls the never fading freshly painted look always..


Weathercoat Maxcool

True to its name, Weathercoat Maxcool reduces interior heat build-up with its solar reflective properties that reflect maximum heat from the sunlight giving you a combination of cooler homes and unmatched beauty.


Weathercoat 345

Weathercoat 345 is a sophisticated exterior finish that shields your house from weathering , fading and microbial growth. It is the perfect mix that offers excellent appearance and all round protection to your walls.


Weatherflex 500

Weatherflex 500 is a refined exterior finish that protects your walls from cracking, weathering and degrading. Its anti-carbonation properties make sure your walls withstand the corrosive effects of carbon dioxide and other pollutants in the air giving your walls a complete external protection.


Apcoflor 5000

Apcoflor 5000 is a self-levelling epoxy with zero VOC coating and non-toxic properties, which provides a hygienic and dust free environment, making it environment friendly. It’s most suited to be used in the food industry.


Berger wall based sealer

Berger wall based sealer is a premium quality, acrylic emulsion with a superior spreading rate and excellent sealing properties. It is designed to provide a sound base for Berger Paints' textured and smooth coatings.

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