Top 10 Dècor Tips for a 'Green'
Home Makeover

We're taught while growing up, the different effects that colors have on us. Green is a restful and quiet colour. Because it symbolizes nature, green is one of the most beautiful and comforting colours that attracts harmonious feelings that diffuse anxiety and helps us stay calm and refreshed. In today's day where we're constantly feeling bogged down, tired and stressed, decorating your home with shades of green is one way to feel calm and rejuvenate yourself. Plants, of course, are the natural go-to. But many of us are not completely sold on the idea that potted plants alone could make for good dècor items. The more creative people amongst us have several more ideas that we could implement in order to take care of our health but also the aesthetics of our homes.

Here are a few dècor suggestions that you could inculcate by yourselves with minimal effort:

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Plants in pots need not always find their place in balconies and at windows. Small, potted plants add a lovely dash of green to book shelves as well.

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Using two pots as bookends is not only creative but also will receive a lot of compliments from visitors and guests.

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For those of you that do not enjoy the clutter of potted plants on your floors, string for the smaller pots or long lengths of cloth around slightly bigger pots, tied in artistic knots could be another way to spice up your living room.

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Above your headboard, placing a pegboard could hold not only several decorative items like books or frames, but even a lovely potted Aloe Vera or money plant.

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If you have 'L' shaped corners that need a dash of colour, add some shelves for a rustic brown look, and complete it look with small bonsai plants.

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If sunlight filtered through the leaves of trees makes you squeal, you could cover your window ledge with lovely green plants, waking up to the fresh smell of plants and the fresh colour of green.

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For those of you with space that is a little more restricted, get creative on plain walls with string and tuck air plants like Tillandsia into cool string art.

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Another trend that is catching up now is rooting plants in water. Simply snip a plant at the base of a leaf and place it in fresh spring water in a glass vase, giving your home a contemporary feeling.

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With a little more space to spare, you could create small pedestals for your pots.

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Create wind chimes using small round bottom test tubes within which you could put small plants of your choice.

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