The Year Ahead in Colour

From deep Cinnamon Rose to elegant earthy tones such as Dry Leaf, here are some of the hottest (and the coolest) colours that can transform your home in 2016.  
Make a bold statement with Cinnamon Rose and add a touch of warmth, power and energy to your living space. Used with a neutral hue such as Corsican Sky, this fire and ice combination is sure to provide a good balance between power and peace, to give that cozy, traditional feel.
This neutral combination of Baked Biscuit, Coastal View and Water Puddle is designed to create a peaceful ambience in any living space. With white to top it off, this sophisticated combination is sure to conjure up images of a calm Caribbean sea, creating a classic combination for nearly any style of kitchen, from traditional to trendy.
Greys such as Platinum Disc and Ice Age have become a popular colour choice for walls over the last few years, and remains one of the most elegant colour combinations. Combining shades of grey is an excellent way to add character to a room, and when accented with warm colours such as Deep Orange or Cheeky Yellow, this combination provides a charming yet subtle energy to any living space.
Earth tones such as Dry Leaf can create a comforting, timeless warmth in any living space, making them a chic, elegant choice. Surround yourself with the hues of nature, ochres, clays and sand such as Fennel Seed. Add more colours to create a welcoming ambience in your living space.
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