All you need to know about Technical Inspection


Best coatings available are liable to premature failure if they are not carefully and properly applied. A good specification should include an inspection requirement to ensure quality of coating application that will result in effective protection even under the most corrosive of environments. During a project, various engineering activities are normally routinely inspected to ensure that, when in service, the process/equipment will perform according to its desired designed purpose; yet the application of coatings that protect these equipment and structures from corrosion are poorly inspected.


Berger has a team of qualified technical inspectors to offer support and advice and assist you in the specified use of our products, system and application.


Technical Inspection

The primary role of technical inspector are to:

1. Inspection of surface to be painted and surface preparation

2. Advising on product use and handling

3. Assessing product quality on site

4. Assessing suitability of atmospheric conditions during application

5. Keeping records for future reference


The above mentioned are done by performing various tests that enable the customer to have confidence that conditions are suitable for application and that coatings have been applied to correct film thickness. Some of these tests are:

  •        Measurement of Wet Film Thickness
  •        Measurement of Dry Film Thickness
  •        Relative Humidity determination
  •        Dew Point Calculation
  •        Surface Profile
  •        Surface Temperature
  •        Adhesion Tests
  •        Holiday Detection


Record Keeping

Typical technical service records should contain the following:

  •        Date of painting, area to be painted
  •        Description of structure and condition of surface
  •        Type of surface preparation and standard
  •        Coating System specified
  •        Product batch numbers
  •        Quantity used
  •        Percentage of dilution
  •        Method of Application
  •        Atmospheric Conditions during preparation, application and drying
  •        Wet and Dry film thickness
  •        Apparent defects, if any, etc.
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