Berger Fungicidal Wash

An antifungal solution with superior fungicides that penetrate deep into the concrete plaster to kill fungus, algea and bacteria before painting.

Berger Fungicidal Solution is a solvent-based, anti-fungal solution that is recommended for treating fungus-affected areas before painting. Due to its superior fungicides suspended in solvent-based solution, it penetrates deep into the concrete plaster to kill fungus and bacteria and provides a surface thta is in sound condition for subsequent painting.

Surface preparation

Scrape off all loose, excess microbes as much as possible using a scraper. A high pressure water wash may also be used to remove loose microbes, surface contaminants etc. If grease is present, clean using a mild detergent or solvent and rinse thoroughly to ensure complete removal of the grease, detergent and solvent.

Application procedure

Apply freely to sufficiently flood the surface. Allow to work overnight, then rinse off with water. Heavily contaminated surfaces may require a second application and rinsing. Allow surface to dry sufficiently prior to painting.

Tools you can use


May be used for difficult shapes or touch up purposes


May be used for difficult shapes or touch up purposes

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